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Sichuan online news (Shen Zhi reporter Liu Hongshun) After nearly 7 days of friends circle relay, Xichang police network publicity gold necklace found the owner Bulgari B Zero Ring Imitation. The public told the police that they had accidentally discovered this necklace when they were shopping with their son Replica cartier love ring. It seemed to be a gold necklace. The necklace should be very expensive Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. The owner was very anxious.


The father and son looked around for a while and did not find the owner. If the necklace is lost, the owner must be very anxious. After confirming that the items obtained by Xichang Public Security are most likely to be their own, Ms. Deng made a special trip to take the car from Suining to claim the items. On February 21st, Ms. Deng complained to her friends about the loss of the necklace. The friend told her that she saw a friend forwarding the information about the owner of the gold necklace in Xichang Public Security. So, Ms. Deng held a try and contacted the police. Xichang Public Security Tips: Not every loss can be so lucky, valuables, please be sure to keep it safe and avoid loss.